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Mutti Tomato Vinegar 6 D 500ml


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Mutti tomato vinegar owes its originality and naturalness to the exclusive use of tomatoes ripened in the August sun. Thanks to a specific acidification process, MUTTI tomato vinegar restores all the intense flavors of the tomato. Which gives it a unique taste and aroma. It is not only used to season salad, but also in all your recipes: it will reveal its intense fragrance, reminiscent of sun-dried tomatoes, a tasty, authentic and nuanced taste. Mutti Tomato Vinegar is light, easy to digest and suitable for the whole family.

Ideal for:

  • roasted, grilled, or boiled meat
  • grilled or boiled fish
  • cooked vegetables
  • Mixed salad


tomato vinegar


Nutritional values for 100g: 133kJ / 31kcal

  • protein: 3g
  • lipids: 0g
  • carbohydrates: 0.1g


Mutti spA via Traversetolo, 28 Basilicanova San Diele (Italy)


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Mutti Tomato Vinegar 6 D 500ml