Gu fine gray salt
  • Gu fine gray salt

Fine gray salt from Guérande Trad Y salt 250g


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Natural product of Brittany, dried and ground.


Trad Y Sel is a producer company created in 1999 with the aim of packaging and marketing their productions through large-scale networks.
Far from the interventionist collectivism of certain large cooperatives and the race for the benefit of multinationals, we want above all to ensure the reliability of our independent operations, while respecting our ancestral traditions.
Thanks to the complicity of a few distributors, we have initiated the French Fair Trade Agriculture process which guarantees that the product has been paid at the right price to its producer ensuring viability without subsidy for its operation. Our minimum purchase price, above this floor price, is shown on the packaging.

100% guaranteed origin from the Guérandais basin.

Heir to a long Breton tradition and a thousand-year-old know-how, the salt worker harvested by hand every summer day on the bottom of the clay of the salt marshes of Guérande is produced with incomparable qualities. Born gently from the flowing waters of the Atlantic, it has managed to keep all its essential riches.
Recommended by the great chefs allying a subtle taste and a delicate fragrance, it will make you rediscover the pleasures of the authentic flavors. Simply dried, crushed and sieved, our product is suitable for all uses on the table as in the kitchen.

Natural product, unwashed, unrefined and without additions.

Manufactured by : SA Trad Y Sel - 44740 Batz sur Mer (France)


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