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Malongo Petits Producteurs - Garantie Max Havelaar 250g


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Central American Arabica with intense aroma


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The MAX HAVELAAR association, created in Holland in 1988, has confirmed a new concept of the coffee trade: to be fairer for third world countries. MALONGO subscribes to this idea of "Fair Trade" which guarantees several principles for small producers:

  • Buy coffee directly from the cooperatives of small producers, in order to avoid intermediaries.

  • Buy back the crops at a guaranteed minimum price, protecting them from fluctuations in world coffee prices and remunerating them, even in the event of a fall in prices.

  • Prefinance harvests in order to avoid debt and allow harmonious development without constraints.

  • Long-term security with a guarantee of long-term contracts and an assurance of regular outlets which allow the maintenance of local activity.

This Central American arabica, with a fruity taste and an intense aroma, benefits from a traditional artisanal roasting. As soon as it has been ground, it is vacuum-packed in its metal box. You can then enjoy an espresso that has retained all of its personality, combining the power and finesse of a great Arabica.


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