Anti-Fly Raid - Adh Flowers
  • Anti-Fly Raid - Adh Flowers

Anti-Fly Raid - Adhesive flowers 4U


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La Fleur Raid est un moyen efficace, pratique et sans odeur pour lutter contre les


The Fleur Raid is an effective, practical and odorless way to fight against flies.

  • Effective : Flies are naturally attracted to light, as well as the shape, color and food bait of the Fleur Raid sticker stuck to the glass. They come into contact with the active ingredient contained in the fly repellent and die of poison without remaining stuck on the Fleur Raid.
  • Practical : thanks to its adhesive, transparent and decorative form, the Fleur Raid fly repellent can be used in the kitchen (where flies generally concentrate, as well as in all the other rooms of your house (living room, bedroom, bathroom). etc.) The Fleur raid can be stuck high up and out of reach of children.
  • Odorless : no insecticide fumes escape into the atmosphere, which makes the Fleur Raid a pleasant and discreet way to fight against flies.

Contains 4 units.

Composition : 5.4 mg imidacloprid per unit (0.42%)

Manufacturer : SC Johnson SAS - BP 30606 - 95004 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex (France) - Tel: 01 34 21 21 21


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