Panzani fine semolina 500g
  • Panzani fine semolina 500g

Panzani fine semolina 500g


Do you want delicious cakes or original fruit fritters made with wheat semolina? With Panzani fine semolina , satisfy all your sweet desires. It's easy, it's fast… And above all it's very good!

Preparation tips:

Proper dosage: For soups or porridge, use 20g of wheat semolina for 1/4 liter of milk / For cakes, use 30g of semolina for 1/4 liter of milk.
Traditional preparation: in a saucepan, bring the liquid to a boil and pour in the semolina. Cook, stirring, 5 to 10 minutes depending on the desired consistency.
Faster: in a non-metallic container, mix the semolina with the milk or water. Put in the microwave and cook on maximum power for 4-5 minutes.
Lighter: Add the whipped egg whites to stiff peaks before cooking over medium heat.


100% premium durum wheat semolina


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Panzani fine semolina 500g