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Senseo Cappucino 8U coffee pod


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Ground coffee and preparation based on skimmed milk in filter pods

A revolution in the art of preparing coffee by Maison du Café and Philips

Senseo machine SENSEO®, sensational coffee with every cup

With SENSEO®, enjoy perfectly dosed coffee with a delicious layer of foam. Whenever you feel like it, you brew a cup or two of aromatic, perfectly balanced coffee.

A unique duo

Together, Maison du Café and Philips have created the SENSEO® system, a coffee machine and specific pods to offer you delicious coffee in a few moments.

Use only Maison du Café SENSEO® coffee pods with the Philips SENSEO® coffee machine to achieve a sensational cup of SENSEO® coffee with the delicious layer of SENSEO® foam.

With Maison du café Senseo®, you can now enjoy a delicious cappuccino with its light and creamy foam. Senseo® Cappuccino is ready in a single step thanks to a single dose of milk specially developed by Maison du Café for the Philips Senseo® coffee machine. A real treat for all times of the day

Senseo® Cappuccino is unsweetened. You can, however, add sugar to your liking. And for even more pleasure, add a final touch of extreme indulgence by sprinkling the foam of your Senseo cappuccino with fine chocolate.

Ingredients : ground coffee (40%), skimmed milk powder (2%), hydrogenated vegetable fats, glucose syrup, stabilizer E340

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Senseo Cappucino 8U coffee pod