Information on our activity linked to the COVID-19 conoravirus epidemic

Due to supply difficulties and to follow government recommendations, we can only offer you a reduced number of references.


As of now Mondial Relay suspends its activity. The collection points are closed or no longer accept packages. Our last packages were shipped last week. The latest orders have been placed on the La Poste network at our own expense. You should receive your parcels at home, delivered by your postman. We have notified the customers affected by this procedure.

La Poste continues to distribute its parcels, but without any deadline commitment.


Due to supply difficulties and in response to government recommendations, we have decided, with regret, to restrict our activity.

But we think that we must contribute to the collective effort to overcome this ordeal, because many of our fellow citizens can no longer leave their homes. That is why we are trying to resume part of the shipments.

We note however that the packages take longer to arrive, and some remain pending in the Post Office.

We work with a reduced team. However, a hotline for package tracking is organized on 01 64 66 77 88 or 06 60 57 77 88.

Do not hesitate to contact us also by Email

Hygiene and maintenance products:

We decided to maintain the prices of soaps (liquids and solids), hydro alcoholic gel and disinfectant wipes (except increase of more than 30% of the tariffs of distributors) for 3 months.

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Advice from Michel.B. , chemical engineer, former Quality Manager of a large group of Cosmetics

Please note: no disinfectant wipes or hand soaps (solid or liquid) have been tested on the coronavirus. Their effectiveness as a virucide has therefore not been proven.

For the disinfection of surfaces, one of the most effective and least expensive means is the use of bleach (diluted, consult the precautions for use)

For small areas, you can use 70% alcohol (telephones, doorknobs, etc.). Rinsing is unnecessary.

Contrary to what you can read here and there, vinegar has no effect on bacteria or viruses, and even less on baking soda. Avoid herbal "home made recipes" !!!

Recommendation on the use of bleach (sodium hypochlorite):

Check the expiration date on the bottle (usually 2/3 years after purchase; this is a real expiration date to be observed scrupulously, because the product loses its effectiveness)
Respect the "exposure times" (about 15 min) before rinsing
Keep out of reach of children, do not ingest, in case of contact with eyes, rinse with water and consult an ophthalmologist. Avoid contact with the skin.

It is recommended to wash your hands as often as possible. If you run out of liquid or solid soap, you can use a shower gel, or a shampoo.

Excessive use (but currently mandatory ...) of soap can cause skin degradation (dry or reddened skin, chapped skin). Apply a hand cream. The most effective ones contain glycerin, a hydrating agent for the epidermis.

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Consult government sites for more information.

This information page is constantly updated. Last Update: 03/21/2020